Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bottle Love

Little N is nearing the 16 month mark... soon she will need to wave farewell to her beloved bottle so thought I'd take a few photos to remember her as still a "baby", milk dripping off her chin and all. 

This set was also prompted by the Creative Mama photo challenge. The challenge was to use natural window light indoors in your shot.

If you're looking for a good blog to subscribe to, check it out! They do photo challenges every two weeks and I've found that it stretches me to learn and try different things, esp. with all the great resources they share. Plus it's really inspiring to see what other people shoot and flickr has such a great community of photogs to learn from! 

Noelle and her bottle

Bottle Love4

Bottle Love3

Bottle Love 1


  1. I just came over the "Joy of Love" and think your work is great. I could spend all night looking at your beautiful images.

  2. Thanks so much~ it encourage me to keep shooting! thanks for stopping by :)