Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A look back at some photos I took for my brother-in-law's family this past summer... yes, I said summer! I was so swamped with other sessions that I had to put photos I took for my own family on the back burner...they have been so patient and understanding, thank you guys! Don't be surprised  if you see several older sessions popping back up on the blog in the coming days~

Roman was a bundle of energy at this session and was joyfully trotting/running/scampering about - it was fun chasing him around and catching his many expressions! 
Sylvia and Jimmy, we miss you guys very much; N&N can't wait to see Romy again~

IMG_1908 WM
IMG_1810 WM
IMG_1881 WM
IMG_1834 WM
Roman and Fam
IMG_1915 WM
IMG_1892 WM
IMG_2136 WM
IMG_1920 WM
IMG_1962 WM
IMG_1965 WM
IMG_2019 WM
IMG_1953 WM
IMG_2079 WM
IMG_1949 WM
IMG_1979 WM
IMG_2123 WM
[taken at the Park at Bothell Landing]

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas~

JOy to the World

Celebrating the birth of Jesus today

What JOY



we have in Him!

One day of celebration truly does not suffice.
May it be every day.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas from the Pak family


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Decided not to shoot any sessions in the month of December, and I'm so glad!
Been able to spend more time with the family and go back to capturing more everyday moments of the girls, my favorite thing to do.

IMG_6151 WM

It's also allowed me to spend a lot of time in reflection and reading...
evaluating my priorities and the dreams God has placed on my heart for the future. Sabbath is a good thing.

IMG_6145 WM

I'll be posting some older sessions up soon that never made it to the blog, 
but for now, I'll leave you with a quote from a book our church just finished reading together - "Radical" by David Platt.
I highly recommend it. 

"This... is the American dream: to make much of ourselves. 
But here the gospel and the American dream are clearly and ultimately antithetical to each other. 
While the goal of the American dream is to make much of us,
the goal of the gospel is to make much of God."

Whether it be in photography or in my daily existence as a mother/wife/human being, this challenges me. 
How easy it is, even in our most philanthropic and noble efforts, to end up making much of ourselves, rather than God.
Lord, help us.
Lord, help me.

 Another inspiring read in my book pile is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp ... loving it too, but it'll be a post for another day.
Hoping your week-before-Christmas is restful and full of joy and laughter~

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tabitha's First Birthday

November was a busy month for this family!

Little Tabi was turning one on Thanksgiving weekend plus her older sister was also celebrating her third birthday. If you're a mama who has more than one child's birthday in the same month, you know how stressful this can be. Throw in a holiday and it can be crazy!

Well, Christina and Won threw a classy and beautiful floral-themed party for Tabitha at the Fullerton Old Spaghetti Factory. As soon as I walked in and saw a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling, I knew I'd love every detail. Christina had gotten some lovely flowers from the LA flower market and dressed out all the tables with mason jars and handmade placemats.

But my favorite detail of Tabi's dol was her head table banner - so unique, I'd never seen anything like it before. The backdrop was a sheet of chalkboard fabric, and the top was adorned with hand-sewn flowers - W OW. I couldn't stop staring at it! As you may have read in my previous posts, Christina and her sister are extremely talented sewers - I shouldn't have been surprised that she could whip this creation out!
IMG_5655 WM

Thanks to Christina and Won for inviting me to this wonderful party~
May Tabitha and Lila truly blossom as women of God~

IMG_5336 WM
IMG_5369 WM
IMG_5387 WM
Dol Tower and Flowers
Light and Airy details
IMG_5480 WM
IMG_5453 WM
IMG_5457 WM
IMG_5367 WM
Cake and Pops
IMG_5462 WM
IMG_5499 WM
IMG_5586 WM
Cousins and Flowers
Hanbok Changing
IMG_5715 WM
Family and Tabi
IMG_5746 WM
Friends Board
IMG_5660 WM
IMG_5857 WM
Gingerbread house
Tabitha and Flowers
IMG_5829 WM
Cakes and Sisters
IMG_5598 WM
Kim Family Pic WM