Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Just call me Cat Lady
I have two.

A few shots before trick--or-treating tonight!

IMG_8859 WM
IMG_8892 WM
IMG_8921 WM
IMG_8896 BW WM
Girls Halloween
IMG_8931 BW WM
Happy Halloween WM

Monday, October 28, 2013

E's First Birthday

A beautiful party for this little one~
Happy Birthday Miss E, you are dearly loved!

Eleanor 1st Birthday_006 WM

Eleanor 1st Birthday_093 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_015 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_010 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_004 WM
Thank you Boxes
Eleanor 1st Birthday_040 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_169 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_081 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_034 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_057 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_077 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_176 WM
With daddy
Eleanor 1st Birthday_037 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_076 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_130 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_145 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_146 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_149 WM
Eleanor 1st Birthday_156 WM

Event Planner: Rococo Events
Cake: Patty Cakes
Cookies: Gateau Joie

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sun Family Session - Full Post

I love having two girls, but after meeting this family, I think having two boys must be pretty awesome too. These boys were full of energy and ran their hearts out in our session. Makes me laugh thinking about how sweaty I was afterwards! 
Sophia is an old college friend and she totally looks the same after all this time - and now with a beautiful family in tow! So great to see her handsome boys. 
Thanks for hanging out with me Johnny and Sophia, enjoy~!

IMG_7334 BW WM
IMG_7349 WM
Holding D
L smiles
leaves on head
On shoulders WM
D and L
IMG_7393 WM
In air
With Daddy
IMG_7586 WM
D and Mommy
IMG_7674 WM
S and J
IMG_7571 WM
With mommy
S Family