Friday, April 27, 2012

Sung Family Session - Sneak Peek

A romantic feel~

Rachel sneak peek

Followed by an urban feel~

IMG_4446 WM

This family pulled off these two different looks so wonderfully~
I love how a location + outfit change can transform your session into something completely fresh!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bakh Family Session - Full Post

A pair of the cutest sisters ever.
Loved meeting this precious family and looking forward to celebrating little C's first birthday soon!
IMG_3495 WM Cara Portrait IMG_3541 WM IMG_3535 WM IMG_3638 WM B&W Parents with children IMG_3700 WM IMG_3650 WM IMG_3587 WM IMG_3507 WM IMG_3487 WM Field IMG_3761 WM Family and Cara

Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 Summer Calendar Update

It is almost May!
Spring in SoCal is in full swing and I'm loving it, as are my girls. (Although my allergies don't. Claritin D is my friend these days.)

Here is Noelle contemplating her world domination over the ducks. Although this photo looks peaceful, she was actually yelling at them... "Come here duckies!!"... I'm not a big fan of birds, but even I felt sorry for them. 

In other news, I've been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the amount of support and encouragement by so many of you who have inquired about photography sessions with me or have referred me to friends and family. I wish I could accept every single opportunity but I simply can't. 

So here is my official announcement that my 2012 summer calendar is now full and I will not be accepting any more sessions until further notice. There are many new things in the works for Fall 2012, so please keep your ears open for what's ahead~ Thank you to all those who have inquired, I truly appreciate your support!

On the Pak household homefront, Noelle has now discovered her ability to climb out of her crib/playpen. In the world of parenting, this is what you call a gamechanger.
IMG_2658 WM
Demonstrating her monkey-like skills right after a nap. Hence the scraggly bangs. And mischievous grin.
Noelle climbs
I think life is about to get more 'exciting' with this new development. And by 'exciting' I mean, exciting for Noelle, not mommy. 

Speaking of exciting, I have a new photography obsession: Instagram. (Yes, I know, welcome to yesterday.) I love seeing the images people capture in their day-to-day life using just their camera phone. Although I will still always post my personal photos on this blog, it's much easier to see a real-time capture of my everyday happenings through my instagram feed. If you're an Instagrammer, find me at sakop!

Hope everyone is having an awesome week~

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bakh Family Session - Sneak Peek

A little girl is turning one soon~
More to come!
IMG_3514 WM
IMG_3498 WM

Monday, April 9, 2012

Yuri's First Birthday Party - Full Post

Little Yuri is one!
I enjoyed shooting her family session in the fields and was so excited to see her turn one at her birthday bash. Her mommy incorporated bunnies throughout the decor since Yuri was born in the year of the rabbit - so adorable - and left no detail overlooked.  The party was held at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City and was the perfect venue for this beautiful celebration. 
Happy Birthday dear Yuri~ you are loved!

IMG_2185 WM
IMG_1882 WM
IMG_1875 WM
Details 1
IMG_2180 B&W WM
Frame and with mommy
Cake and Family
Grandparents on Father's side
IMG_1837 WM
IMG_1893 WM
Details 2
IMG_2083 WM
IMG_2006 WM
Bestie and Table
IMG_2224 WM
IMG_2108 WM
Baby girl friends
IMG_2098 WM
Balloon art
IMG_2202 WM
IMG_2206 WM
IMG_2230 WM
Food and Seating
IMG_2373 WM
IMG_2238 WM
IMG_2341 WM
IMG_2347 WM
IMG_2354 WM
IMG_2273 WM
IMG_2366 WM
IMG_2388 WM
IMG_2419 WM
IMG_2430 WM
IMG_2446 WM
IMG_2456 WM
IMG_2566 WM
IMG_1767 WM
IMG_2269 WM