Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It was a hot-chocolate-drinking, puddle-jumping kind of day...
Wet socks and pants resulted, but it was worth it.

Happy Leap Year!

IMG_7748 WM
Silly Rain
IMG_7720 WM
IMG_7745 WM
Hot Chocolate

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ryan's First Birthday - Full Post

Little Ryan is one!
His family held an intimate baseball-themed lunch party at Catal's in Downtown Disney, styled by Jane of Jane: An Event Design and Coordination Co.. (The food was delicious and the restaurant staff were so helpful and polite - I told my husband that we have to go back there for a date night!) 

I loved all the details of his party (especially the cake - I later found out it was a beautifully decorated fondant shell, not edible) and those Big League chewing gum bags and Cracker Jacks brought me back to my childhood...a great idea for a boy's party~
 If you are planning a party in the near future and need ideas for a great dessert/head table, Celebrations at Home has a helpful post on how to put one together.

Thank you so much to Stacy and Wonny for having me capture a special day and to Jane for beautifying it all~

Happy First Birthday Ryan, you are dearly loved!
IMG_8414 WM
IMG_8435 WM
Cake and Menu
IMG_8412 WM
Ryan board
IMG_8601 WM
Ball and Salad
IMG_8480 WM
Daddy and on Chair
IMG_8758 WM
Mommy and Balloon
IMG_8564 WM
IMG_8570 WM
IMG_8438 WM
IMG_8841 WM
IMG_8850 WM
IMG_8653 WM
Siblings and mommy
With Daddy
IMG_8454 WM
IMG_8985 WM
IMG_9274 WM
IMG_9058 WM
IMG_8978 WM
IMG_9195 WM
Present and Window Watching
IMG_8422 WM
Family and on table
Mommy B&W
IMG_9011 WM
IMG_8486 WM
IMG_9291 WM

Friday, February 17, 2012

J&S Lee Family Session - Sneak Peek

A little glimpse of this beautiful family~
IMG_9918 WM

IMG_9508 WM
Almost one years old and such a sweetheart~
Lots more images from this session to come!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ethan's First Birthday

One of my favorite ages to capture is one year olds...they are so adorable, almost ready to walk, and full of emotions. Although throwing a dol (traditional Korean first birthday) can seem daunting to parents (especially when there are professionals here in LA that solely cater to decorating dols), a smaller scale, intimate dol decorated by yourself is just as wonderful. 

Here are some images from a party last fall that never made it to the blog...

My fave detail was the wooden toy (below) that his mommy brought for decoration- apparently, it had been her own toy when she was a little girl. So precious!


IMG_0120 WM
Cake and Family
IMG_0166 WM
IMG_0123 WM
IMG_0178 WM
IMG_0297 WM
IMG_0196 WM
IMG_0207 WM
IMG_0198 WM
IMG_0290 WM
IMG_0343 WM
IMG_0350 WM
IMG_0356 WM
IMG_0227 WM
Ethan Hanbok