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Monday, January 30, 2012

Double the fun...

A&K Sneak Peek WM

A shot from a recent family session - so excited to have the beautiful Moon girls on the blog~
More to come!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Koh Family Session

Memories of a sweet, warm summer day...
[taken last summer at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA]

Holding Hands
IMG_4094 WM
IMG_4142 WM
IMG_4351 WM
IMG_4209 WM
Mason with parents
IMG_4122 WM
IMG_4298 WM
IMG_4301 WM
IMG_4226 WM
IMG_4328 WM
IMG_4394 WM
IMG_4358 WM
IMG_4356 WM
IMG_4408 WM
IMG_4413 WM
IMG_4440 WM
Family and Riley
IMG_4199 WM
IMG_4242 WM
IMG_4384 WM
IMG_4293 WM

This family is extra special to us because Suzi (mom) is my sister-in-law!
We always visit Seattle at least once a year, and every year I'm shocked at how big my nieces and nephews get.
 One year in the life of a child brings huge changes...
This is why, although it can be a pain in the butt to plan, I believe annual family pictures are so worthwhile.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week~ more family/kid sessions to come!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


My baby

Thursday, January 19, 2012

J and D - Save the Date

J and D are getting married! 
They are dear to our hearts...D teaches Naomi in our church's preschool ministry (where she is wildly popular among the little girls I might add) and J is my cousin-in-law's brother, so part of our family! For anyone that knows them, these two are awesome, and together, they shine~*
So excited to see how God continues to bless them in this journey they're on!

Since D already knew what kind of Save the Date card she wanted, it made it easy to shoot just what we needed (plus a few extra fun images of course)! We sent a million emails back and forth and when she showed up with a "value size" confetti bag, I was so happy! 
Also, our mutual friend Jane from Jane: An Event Design & Coordination Co. is coordinating their wedding - I know she will do an amazing job pulling everything together and excited to be there on their Big Day to see it all come to fruition!


Confetti 2
IMG_7135 WM

IMG_6940 WM
d+b 5
d+b 2
d+b 3
d+b 4

Their final Save the Date image (envisioned by D)
Save the Date For BLOG

Congratulations you guys~
The Pak family loves you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When I bake with my kids

(which is not often enough)
several things are guaranteed.

IMG_6013 WM
1. Playing around with the bakeware. Mask? Hat? Drum? The possibilities are endless. Actually, the possibilities come to a rapid close when mommy gets annoyed that all the bakeware is getting very dirty from being drummed on.

IMG_6052 WM
2. My kids will beg to lick the spoon/bowl/mixer. 
While they do this, I will secretly eat chocolate chips under the guise of cleaning the table.

IMG_6035 WM
3. Flour 
Flour in the hair, flour on the chair, flour on the face, flour in seemingly unreachable crevices. 

IMG_6075 WM
4. Complete silence while eating. 
Many crumbs. 

IMG_6060 WM
5. This Sheepish Face. 
And the words, "Mommy more?"

IMG_6101 WM
6. Naomi taking forever to eat one cookie. 
 Maybe she is savoring the delicate nuances of the Nestle Toll House recipe I used off the back of the bag. 
Maybe she's reveling in the awesome baker her mom is.
Actually, she's just a really slow eater.
Most of my baking experience consists of watching Ina Garten bake on Food Network,
and then going to the store and buying Pepperidge Farm cookies. Genevas are my favorite.

Naomi's Cookie
7. And my personal favorite:
Cookie Smiles~

So worth the mess of baking with my girls!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day - stay warm and bake something!

Friday, January 13, 2012


So much to celebrate these days~
Here is a sneak peek of another recent "save-the-date" session...excited to share the full post soon!


Also, so happy to share that Celebrations at Home, an "inspirational site for stylish entertaining", has featured JJ's Fourth Birthday Party! The full album and original post of his party can be found here on my blog. 

For anybody planning an upcoming celebration - whether it's a baby shower, kid's party, or bridal shower - their site and Facebook page are full of ideas, some of which have been featured on HGTV.comPreston BaileyThe Wedding ChicksAmy Atlas Events, and Hostess with the Mostess. The creative talent out there is amazing.

Hope everybody is having a wonderful start to their weekend~

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Afternoon sun

A glimpse of how my girls nap... Naps are only for a season (oh help me Lord when that season is over) so wanted to capture it.

Big sis on the left in their room, little sis on the right in ours...they sleep together at night, but I found they slept much better in the afternoon when I separated them! Since their naptime is when I get my work done (ie. blogging/editing, cooking, cleaning, reading, and ok, maybe I should include just lounging on the couch, surfing the net and relishing the peace and quiet if I'm honest), synchronizing their naps was high priority when Noelle was born! Can any moms relate? 

Here is Naomi wanting to kiss Noelle before going down. (This may sound sweet on the surface, but was more of a stall tactic.)  

IMG_7215 WM
Noelle in playpen
IMG_7218 WM
IMG_7240 WM

Random goodness: