Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Week New

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things, hope, 
a dream of possibilities."
 - Anonymous

Kazuya Brian Walton
One week new

Open wide
Tired B&W
Snuggle B&W
Quiet moment
Hello again
Diaper change
Sleepy and on Knees
Laughing together
Pillow and Legs SB
Kiss B&W
Mom and Me
Big brother
W Family 2

Loved reconnecting with an old friend from Seattle and meeting her beautiful family!
Big brother Kiyoshi has the cutest smile ever and was so attentive and affectionate towards his little brother Kazuya - I have a feeling they'll become best of friends.

Kazuya (means "peaceful one" or "harmony" in Japanese) was alert and awake most of the time during our session - and true to his name, never cried or fussed!

His mommy is also a very talented sewer (check out her etsy shop this summer after her maternity leave is over!), so I loved that we were able to pose Kazuya on one of her creations (yellow/grey floral pillow).  

Congratulations again to the Waltons ~ you are blessed with two handsome sons! 

If you are expecting (and in SoCal) and would love some newborn photos, shoot me an email~ I'd love to capture those first precious moments for you!


Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Thing

Today is Good Friday.
Have you ever tried explaining Good Friday to a 4 year old?

It's not easy, but I figure, if you can't explain it to a 4 year old, then maybe you don't really know what you're talking about it in the first place.

Well, here are some snippets of conversations I've had with Naomi.
There is nothing more delightful than talking theology with her.

Me: So you know that today is Good Friday?
Naomi: Yeah, Daddy told me. 
Me: Yup, Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we're remembering that today.
Naomi: Does he use a cloth to wash our sins away?
Me: No, he doesn't need a cloth, He's God so He's really powerful!
Naomi: Wow, that's really impressive. 
Me (thinking): Where did she learn the word impressive??
Naomi (still talking): And Jesus is so powerful, He has bigger muscles than even Daddy!

a little later.....

Me: Jesus died on the cross, but He's stronger than death. Isn't that cool?
Naomi: yeah......Mommy?
Me (preparing for a big theological question): Yes?
Naomi: You know what rhymes with death? BETH!!!!! (laughing hysterically)
Me: ........

and then once again....

Me (continuing our 'deep' conversation): So Jesus took away our sin because we can't be close to God when we have sin....God is holy, that means He doesn't have ANY sin. He's perfect!
Naomi (serious): Yeah, He must be really careful.


Have a blessed Good Friday everyone~


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brand New

A glimpse of a recent newborn session...
I will never get tired of capturing those first moments, how precious they are!

More to come~

Big and little


Friday, April 15, 2011

Elyse's 1st Birthday - Full Post

A beautiful party for a beautiful girl...
MacArthur Village Clubhouse


E's great-grandpa arriving at her party...
Signing in


And birthday love from great grandma...

Loved the bright colors...

The kids' lunches were packed with heart shaped PB&J and other kid-friendly foods, then labeled with their names - genius.

Lunch table

My favorite detail - 'Kka Kka' means 'crackers' or 'snacks' in korean baby language. :) Noelle LOVES kka kka.



With her grandma


Elyse's big sister Sophie playing with her balloon - what  joy!

Balloon and Decor

Balloon Fun

Whose kid is this?

Trying to reach

Oh, that would be my daughter.
Did I mention she loves kka kka?

Some more baby friends...

Baby guest

Looking out

in Grandpa's lap

baby friend

Elyse was actually getting over a cold and was very tired... she almost fell asleep during her bottle break. 
It's hard work being the center of attention!



Window B&W

With her grandma 

Grandma and me

Checking out the fondue

The ladybug pinata was a hit! Little B enjoying his reward.


The entourage of mommy friends and Elyse's future bffs

Mommy friends

Snacks and craft time


Elyse with mommy and her cute baby bump

with Mommy

with her Daddy

Possibly my favorite shot of the day...
because every parent can relate to this!

Cry if I want to

Blowing out candles


Changing into the traditional Korean hanbok

Putting on Hanbok

with Grandmas

Hanbok B&W

Doljalbi - a Korean tradition where the child picks an item that symbolizes what the future holds for them.


Going for it

And she picked the rice (wealth)!


But this one is more fun.

Open wide!

Surrounded by some of her loving family.

Family 3


Happy First Birthday Sweet Elyse~
You are loved beyond measure
Can't wait to see you grow up and blossom!