Friday, August 31, 2012

Caleb's First Birthday

The cutest birthday bash for this little guy~
His mommy went all out and created a colorful Sesame Street theme to celebrate his first year! My personal faves - the one-of-a kind rainbow Rice Krispy cake and the awesome shave ice truck that lets you pick out and dispense your own flavors (the kids loved it) - such a memorable celebration for little Caleb! 

Rainbow Cake
IMG_3316 WM
Cookie Monster
IMG_3408 WM
IMG_3332 WM
IMG_3321 WM
Jar and Bag
IMG_3342 WM
Candy and Tower
Rainbow Skittles
IMG_3633 WM
Raibow Jars
IMG_3384 WM
Family 2
IMG_3659 WM
Cookies and Hanbok
IMG_3746 WM
IMG_3773 WM
IMG_3824 WM
Balloon Making
Balloon Making 2
Shave Ice
IMG_3881 WM
Shave Ice 2
Thank you boxes
IMG_3358 WM

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chien Family Session

A special session in so many ways!
I photographed Joy's birth and the very first time she met her big brother so it was fitting to be there for her one year old/family shoot. Both her and Evan have grown up so much in one year!

Of course, Jenny has the best ideas for shoots and wanted to incorporate a glimpse into their 'everyday' life - what better place to do that than at a grocery store? 
How many hours do we mommies spend there, wrangling our kids and shopping for dinner~ loved the idea of capturing those moments! 
We had great fun smuggling the camera into their neighborhood Whole Foods and shooting away.

Joy's birthday also coincides with their wedding anniversary, so we did a formal shoot at their beautiful home and then a more casual shoot at a nearby park. 


Family Pic WM
Kiss and Joy
IMG_5084 WM
With hubby and kids
IMG_5175 WM

In the Air
Red Pepper
IMG_5426 WM
Shopping Cart
Bulk Sweets WM
Mother Daughter
IMG_5593 WM
IMG_5527 WM
Family Walk
IMG_5551 WM

And one blooper shot that ended up being a keeper!
Jenny and I were laughing that this shot depicts life with two kids perfectly!

Blooper WM

Much more to come~

Monday, August 20, 2012

Here we are

Longest blog silence for me as of yet, but for good reason - we moved back to Seattle~!

For those SoCal clients who are still patiently waiting for their images, thank you SO MUCH for your patience and understanding. After packing, moving boxes, driving up the West Coast and then subsequently unpacking and settling in, I have been wiped out and trying to resume a normal working schedule.

One of my main concerns has been to make sure our girls are transitioning smoothly - happy to report that they are doing pretty well and basking under the attention of aunts, uncles and grandparents! Of course, our relationships in SoCal are irreplaceable, and we miss everyone down there very much, as do our girls...can't wait to visit you all!

So much to share about our journey up here and how our family is doing, but I know that there are many clients still waiting eagerly for their images as well. I hope to share both in the days to come. For a more real time look at what I'm up to, find me on Instagram under sakop.

Here is one peek at a recent family session~ a special one, as it was my last session in SoCal...bittersweet!

Thanks for swinging by, lots more to come~

IMG_5539 WM

Saturday, August 4, 2012

She is One!

A beautiful party held at Sweet Shade Park in Irvine~ Loved her family session in the fields and was excited to capture this little girl's big day!
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and getting through the heat wave~

Cupcakes and Balloons
IMG_1217 WM
IMG_1244 WM
Cake and Flower
IMG_1200 WM

IMG_1350 WM
IMG_1328 WM
Calling on the phone
IMG_1457 WM
IMG_1468 WM

With mommy
IMG_1628 WM
Pink and Mini Cakes
IMG_1750 WM
IMG_1742 WM
Mommy and daddy