About Me

I am a mommy of two precious little girls, a wife of a freakishly amazing husband, and a follower of Jesus. These are the great loves in my life. My love for photography started in 2009 when I was gifted with a dSLR for my 30th birthday. It was a gift from my mother and she simply requested that I send pictures of our two little ones to her. Since then, my love for capturing the ordinary has led me to family photography - there is nothing more worthwhile to me than taking the time to document those who are most precious to you. 

Sky Blue Seed is one of my daughter’s favorite books to read. It’s a story about a boy who is gifted with a tiny sky blue seed which when planted, grows miraculously into a beautiful mansion. Not wanting to keep this to himself, the boy invites everyone he knows inside the house to share in his newfound joy and treasure. It’s a great story.
This blog is a small glimpse into my budding Sky Blue Seed – it’s a work in progress and a growing joy in my life. If you want to come along and see the world through my lens, please subscribe – thanks for stopping by!


[ Photo Credit: GH Kim Photography ]