Thursday, October 25, 2012



"My home is in heaven,
I'm just traveling through this world."
- Billy Graham

For Alex.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


“Go where your best prayers take you.” 
- Frederick Buechner

I can always count on Freddy for some profound advice.
Where are your best prayers or thoughts taking you?

IMG_7981 WM
IMG_7978 WM

For Tim and I, our prayers have taken us down to Southern California for three years, and now back again to the Northwest to plant a new church called The Well Community Church.

Why are we planting a church?

Great question.
Because there are people who want to know more about this Jesus guy,
but have no where to go.
Yes, these people do exist. Maybe you are one of them.
Maybe church for you seems like a country club for "perfect people" and you didn't pay your member dues.
Or you worried more about what you had to wear than what you needed to hear.
Or you met a so-called Christian who burned you and you swore you'd never go back to hang out with that bunch of hypocrites.
Yeah, I've been in that position and it pretty much sucks.

Our mission is simple yet vast: to help people find and follow Jesus.
Our first meeting is this Sunday, Oct. 7th, at 5:00 PM in Bellevue.

There will be no bells and whistles, no fancy lights or smoke.

There may be some coffee though because if you don't have coffee at church in Seattle,
it's a bit sacrilegious.
Tea drinkers, so sorry to discriminate, we still love you.

What will Sundays look like?

You will walk in, grab a cup of coffee if you want.
There will be some music, a message about Jesus that will make sense, and a time to reflect.
No Kumbaya around a campfire. No collective Kool-aid drinking.
End of story.

The Well is a church in process and we welcome all those "in process" with us.
We don't claim to know all the answers or have it all together - but we follow the One who does.
The invitation is open to all.

For exact location and to be updated (as we will be meeting every other week for now), please "like" our Facebook page.. If you don't have Facebook, then welcome to the 21st century. Jump on it.

We're going where our best prayers have taken us - see you there!

[Images from a recent scouting trip to Discovery Park with my little helper]