Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yoou Family Session - Full Post

Probably one of the most joyous things in life is seeing your friends have kids.

Before baby Noa was even on the radar, I told my husband Tim, "I can't wait to take pictures for Pete and Michelle when they have a baby!" Tim raised his eyebrows and looked at me with his "ok weirdo" look - yes, I am a weirdo when it comes to photographing kids, even talking about ones that aren't here yet! 

But my wish came true last week when the Yoou family came up from CA to visit Seattle. It was so fun meeting little Noa who had just turned 6 months old. I love this age because they are able to sit up but are not too mobile, and their expressions are so pure and varied. And of course, Noa was a gem - smiling, laughing, and playful - such a sweet and adorable baby~

Thank you Pete and Michelle for letting me catch a glimpse of life with Noa - she is such a precious gift from God~

IMG_2493 WM
Family on Stairs
IMG_2137 WM
IMG_2122 WM
IMG_2117 WM
With Mommy
Kiss in the tunnel
With Daddy on Stairs
IMG_2147 WM
IMG_2168 BW WM
IMG_2213 WM
IMG_2195 WM
IMG_2247 WM
IMG_2226 WM
IMG_2259 WM
Noa on Shoulders
Mommy and Noa
IMG_2437 WM
Pete and Noa AirplaneSandals with daddy

IMG_2458 WM
IMG_2422 WM
IMG_2522 WM

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yoou Family Session - Sneak Peek

Noa Sneak Peek

More to come~

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sweet Summer

Umbrella in the Sun

Friday, August 2, 2013

Beach Days

Sprinkling rain today
Loving it after a slew of dry days
A few shots from beach day with the girls last month~

IMG_0238 WM
Noelle and shovel
Beach hat