Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Han Family/Newborn Session - Full Post

Loved shooting this session - even though I knew they must've been so tired and still adjusting to life with three, Christine and Daniel were so laid-back at their photo session.
Sophie was the ever-attentive big sister and lo-ved holding her new sis Claire for the photos. Elyse was a bundle of energy and made me laugh so many times - had to make sure my camera didn't shake!
My favorite pic of Elyse is of her running down the hallway in her onesie (I think we were attempting a photo of her and Claire, but Elyse had other plans) - I love that it captures the reality of life with a toddler!
Congrats to the Han family - you are blessed with three beautiful girls!

IMG_0472 WM

IMG_0482 WM

IMG_0542 WM

IMG_0663 WM

IMG_0532 WM

Claire's Faces

IMG_0620 WM

IMG_0519 WM
IMG_0585 WM

IMG_0730 WM

Elyse and Reading

IMG_0742 WM

Claire riding Pony

Claire running away

IMG_0641 WM

IMG_0569 WM

IMG_0659 WM

With Daddy

IMG_0777 WM

IMG_0871 WM
IMG_0838 WM

IMG_0840 WM

IMG_0858 WM

IMG_0806 WM

IMG_0485 B&W WM

IMG_0558 B&W WM

IMG_0566 WM

IMG_0819 WM

Monday, August 29, 2011

Imamura Family Session - Sneak Peek

Found out that today is little Mia's 2nd birthday so here's a sneak peek into their recent family session!
Happy Birthday Mia~ 
More of this beautiful family to come!

Taryn's Sneak Peek WM

Friday, August 26, 2011


I knew right away that I wanted to take some photos of the girls to capture how this poem made me feel... and thinking about framing it for the girls' room.
Lucky for us, it's a free download compliments of Kelli France from FrancyPants Academy (thanks Kelli~) so download away~


IMG_4722 WM


IMG_4774 WM

IMG_4730 WM
I could read this poem over and over again and never get tired of it...
Naomi and Noelle-y, you are my little muses who inspired me to get behind the lens in the first place....
Even though mommy takes pictures of other people now too,
you will always be my favorite subjects.Noelle

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pak Family Session - Sneak Peek

A glimpse of a shoot I did for my brother-in-law's family...
Oh Roman, you gave auntie (and your parents) quite the workout that day! 
But your smile made it all worth it~ I love you Romy! 
(Your buddy Noelle says hello by the way.)

Many more family sessions to come on the blog ~ 

Pak Family Sneak Peek

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Little Melon

Shooting my fifth family session today since August began and feeling a bit tired, but loving it so so much!
Most of all, I love capturing my girls at this age as they enjoy the Seattle summer with our extended family...
Here's a shot of Noelle this past weekend at Seabrook....
(Doesn't her outfit remind you of a piece of watermelon candy? I underestimated the coldness of WA beaches yet again and this was one of the only warm outfits she had...a pink explosion!)

The tide was so low that day...if I'd let her, she would've gone out as far as she could....my free spirited one.

Happy Monday~
Summer day

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Josiah's Newborn Session - Sneak Peek

Feel so lucky that we happened to be in Seattle when this little man was born!

I've known Josiah's daddy since college. I'll always remember Pete as one of the people who made me feel welcome at church as a newcomer, always greeting me with a big bear hug. And who knew that we'd someday be in the same family (Peter is my husband Tim's cousin)! 
What a privilege to see him and Jiso with their precious son and capture those first moments...
Congrats Peter and Jiso! 
More to come~

Josiah Chong - One week old

Josiah's Sneak Peek

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Breeze


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Katie's First Birthday - Full Post

Little Katie is ONE!

What I loved about Katie's party: it was not only beautiful with yummy food and a great location, but the kids had so much fun! 
There was a craft table with design--it-yourself jumping sacks, tattoos for all, snack table with loads of cookie jars and lollipops, a nearby playground, and a hilarious potato sack race at the end. (Not sure who had more fun there, the adults or the kids!)

Anna and her trusty Chino Momtourage (I shall call them 'CM' for short) worked their DIY magic and created a beautiful garden-feel to the birthday - such amazing talent! Good job CM! 

P.S. In other 'party' news, was very excited to see my coverage of a recent baby shower be featured on bumpsmitten.comJane was the stylist for this beautiful shower - truly exciting to see her hard work being recognized and applauded~. If you're planning a baby shower or just like looking at pretty things, hop on over there for inspiration. 


IMG_3096 wm
Sign and CookieJar
holding sister
IMG_2139 WM
Signs Grandma
IMG_2481 WM
Mom and Daughter
IMG_2156 WM
IMG_2123 WM
IMG_2354 WM
Tattoo Details
Katie Craft
IMG_2333 WM
IMG_2339 WM
IMG_2202 WM
IMG_2837 WM
Jump Game
IMG_2685 WM
IMG_3022 wm
Jung Brothers
IMG_2171 WM
IMG_2868 WM
IMG_2530 WM
IMG_2535 WM
IMG_2509 WM
IMG_3047 WM
IMG_2930 WM
IMG_2298 WM
Maia and Bag
Lollipop and Friends
IMG_2401 WM
IMG_2425 WM
IMG_2455 WM
IMG_2415 WM

IMG_3018 WM
IMG_2383 WM

IMG_2581 WM
IMG_2589 WM
IMG_2590 WM
IMG_2594 wm
IMG_2608 WM
IMG_2597 wm
IMG_2599 wm
IMG_2390 WM