Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer Days at the Creek

Memories of Summer Part 1

This was our first full summer in Seattle since moving back last year from California
and I loved it! Lots of pictures taken and trying to get through them all.

The girls were so excited to have some of their cousins from California visit us,
and we spent a memorable day at Denny Creek together, hiking and playing in the water.
I thought taking 4 kids on a hike without our hubbies' help could quickly turn into a nightmare 
but the kids did surprisingly well and I loved seeing them happily enjoying everything 
(except for the mosquitoes lol).
Hoping that we can raise our kids to appreciate and enjoy nature 
- not easy when my youngest is deathly afraid of bugs - 
but I'm gonna try!

(Big thanks to Melissa and Lynna for encouraging me to visit this spot~)

IMG_1815 WM
IMG_1660 WM
IMG_1635 WM
IMG_1773 WM
In between rocks
IMG_1684 WM
peanut butter
JJ sandwich
IMG_1717 WM
Family group
IMG_1796 WM
IMG_1807 WM

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little N's Fourth Birthday

It started out as a wish for a 'colorful camel' birthday,
which then morphed into a 'rainbow unicorn' party.
Decisions decisions. It's a big deal for a girl turning four!
We took advantage of the dry September day and went to Enatai Beach Park to celebrate.
Little N loves the playground and the beach so it was a perfect spot. 
 It's always a challenge to take pictures of your own kids' parties but here are a few glimpses of the day~

IMG_4435 WM
IMG_4448 BW WM
Pin the Horn
IMG_4465 WM
IMG_4466 WM
IMG_4463 WM
IMG_4470 WM
IMG_4449 WM
IMG_4446 WM
IMG_4521 WM
IMG_4510 WM
IMG_4523 WM
IMG_4525 WM
Unicorn head
IMG_4539 WM
Candle blowing
All smiles

After the party was over and we were tucking you into bed,
you told me, "I don't want to be 4 all day. I want to be 3."

I wish you weren't 4 all day either.
But here you are, a big 4 year old - ready to take on the world (or at least preschool).
You will always be Little N to Mommy and Daddy though.

Happy Birthday baby
We love you!

IMG_4564 WM

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kelsey - Senior Session Full Post

Introducing Kelsey - 2014 Senior
Beautiful and the best sense of humor - she is awesome.

Amy (her mom pictured below) and Kelsey are special to our Pak family because for 9 months, they served every week in our new church plant kids' ministry as teachers while we were getting off the ground. Tim and I don't know what we would've done without their help and sacrifice - thank you Hart family, you guys rock.

K and Parents
IMG_4114 WM
Headshot K
IMG_4159 WM
In the brush
IMG_4188 WM
In the field
IMG_4202 WM
In field
BW headshot
Parents in Back
Against building
IMG_4242 WM
IMG_4373 WM
Arms crossed
Wind in hair
Sitting in grass
IMG_4240 WM