Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kid Friendly in Glendale

I love to go out as a family.
As a parent of two little ones, here's my list of criteria when deciding where to go:
1. Fun for kids under age of 5 and kid friendly 
2. Not expensive
3. Fun for the parents
4. Not crazily crowded
5. Not too far away
6. Affordable food nearby
7. Fun for the parents 

Is this too much to ask?
There are days when if I have to go the Brea Mall one more time, I will pull my hair out. Sometimes old stomping grounds get...well... OLD.

So, I was delighted to find a new place: 
Gigi's Farmer's Market held every Saturday morning from 10 AM - 12 PM in the Americana in Glendale.

They have a petting zoo ($4 and you get a cup of feed) and pony ride ($5).
Live music, free samples of food and drinks, fresh produce, a playground, fountain, and shopping. 

We would've stayed longer but accidentally left our baby bag (no diapers, no milk, no snacks) plus Noelle's shoes at home. This is the parental equivalent of holding a time bomb in your hand. I do not recommend.

Otherwise, a fun family outing ~ If you and your family haven't visited the Americana yet or it's been a while, check it out~ a treat for all your senses!

The Americana Clock in Glendale

Gigi's Farmer's Market Sign


The Americana Chandelier in Glendale


Gigi's Farmer's Market Saturdays



Gigi'sFamer's Market2

Gigi's Farmer's Market Dried Fruit



  1. i love it! sako, i love this post... i love the theme with the senses. =) great!