Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meerkats and Maps

So last week, we went to the Zoo.

Alas, my photo-taking skills were at an all time low this day...
Maybe it was the early morning drive dragging two kids out of bed or the amount of walking we did that day, in any case, I came home with a lot of blurry pictures of animals and kids.

But here are my two favorites.
The first one pretty much sums up how we spent one hour of our time there.
With Zoo map in hand and Totally Lost.
In case you live in a cave and didn't know, the San Diego Zoo is G I N O R M O U S.
We managed to navigate our way around but not before losing 10 pounds.

IMG_1761 copy

The second is of the little Meerkat family.
Although I'm not a fan of rodent-like animals (is there really anyone that is??), these little guys are alright.
Maybe it's because they have a cute name.
Or because they remind me of Timone from Lion King.

Anyways, I read that they are also called "sun angels" in some parts of Africa.
I guess they are serious about their sunbathing!


Loved our trip there and capped it off with some delicious Mexican food...enough reason for us to make another drive down!
Can't wait~

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