Saturday, February 19, 2011

{the JOY of LOVE} : Day 19

Today's theme: When They're Gone

Tonight, came home from a birthday party, put the girls' down for the night and folded the laundry..
Oh yes, don't be jealous.

Folding laundry is one of those things we cannot do while the kids are awake.
Noelle just rolls around in the heap of clothes like a pig in mud, and Naomi "folds" everything for us...into wrinkly tidy piles. Lovely.

So it has become one of those things we do together while watching TV. 
I am thankful that Tim never complains about it and sometimes just does the laundry on his own accord - is that normal? I guess I should get him a medal or something (mental note). 

Hope you're having a lovely day~

Day 19: When They're Gone

Look around Willette's Joy Of Love flickr page for more photos~

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