Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Week New

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things, hope, 
a dream of possibilities."
 - Anonymous

Kazuya Brian Walton
One week new

Open wide
Tired B&W
Snuggle B&W
Quiet moment
Hello again
Diaper change
Sleepy and on Knees
Laughing together
Pillow and Legs SB
Kiss B&W
Mom and Me
Big brother
W Family 2

Loved reconnecting with an old friend from Seattle and meeting her beautiful family!
Big brother Kiyoshi has the cutest smile ever and was so attentive and affectionate towards his little brother Kazuya - I have a feeling they'll become best of friends.

Kazuya (means "peaceful one" or "harmony" in Japanese) was alert and awake most of the time during our session - and true to his name, never cried or fussed!

His mommy is also a very talented sewer (check out her etsy shop this summer after her maternity leave is over!), so I loved that we were able to pose Kazuya on one of her creations (yellow/grey floral pillow).  

Congratulations again to the Waltons ~ you are blessed with two handsome sons! 

If you are expecting (and in SoCal) and would love some newborn photos, shoot me an email~ I'd love to capture those first precious moments for you!



  1. Beautiful...your photos have such a natural "organic" feel to them. Love love love.

  2. Thank you so much~ means alot coming from another photographer~