Thursday, May 12, 2011


My favorite thing is when both girls quietly color....lovely.....


Here's a special piece by Naomi for your eyes only.... 

Daddy and Mommy

A lovely drawing of Tim and I....let me interpret this one for you.

Tim is on the left wearing all black.
Black is actually his favorite color. Morbid? Yes, I agree. But at least he wears it with a smile.

He is also in a sea of fiery red.
A little end times-ish but that's ok, I'm sure it has a positive meaning. 

There I am on the right.
Apparently, I'm an Asian version of Anne of Green Gables and part unicorn. I did always have a thing for Gilbert Blythe.
I secretly love that she thoughtfully gave me a nice nose, while Tim has none.
I am also in a sea of fiery red. 
Very interesting. 

Time to cut and glue .....
Scissors and Glue

Snip snip
Snip Snip

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Pak!


Tim came home and I couldn't wait to do a face-to-face comparison.
(He is actually doing his Greek homework here, but I have no qualms about interrupting his theological education for a good laugh.)

I think I shall name him, "End Times Tim".

Very funny honey

(Take that Flat Stanley!)

In all seriousness, there is nothing more fun than looking at kids' drawings and seeing how they interpret the world! 
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone~


  1. Ahhh...Sako! you're daughters are too cute. hahaa i think the red represents love!! :)
    and who didnt have a crush on gilbert blythe??

  2. Thanks Sabrina~ yes, maybe the red means love! haha