Monday, May 23, 2011

What I do...

..when it's finals week?
oh, blog of course.

A little peek into a recent date with Tim...

Breakfast at the Filling Station Cafe in Orange, a visit to LACMA and a quick stop at MILK....unfortunately, I had a random case of food poisoning (?) and was literally throwing up at the end of our date (my husband is one lucky guy).
But you know what? I still had a lot of fun just being out with Tim and snapping away on my camera! 


Phone love




A little Andy Warhol...



On Steps

(Tim making a phone call to make sure our girls hadn't terrorized the sitters too much.)
Thankful to Stella, Annie and Michele who watched the kids for us!
Can't wait for our next excursion~

(And to all those students studying away, you can do it!)

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