Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Han Family/Newborn Session - Full Post

Loved shooting this session - even though I knew they must've been so tired and still adjusting to life with three, Christine and Daniel were so laid-back at their photo session.
Sophie was the ever-attentive big sister and lo-ved holding her new sis Claire for the photos. Elyse was a bundle of energy and made me laugh so many times - had to make sure my camera didn't shake!
My favorite pic of Elyse is of her running down the hallway in her onesie (I think we were attempting a photo of her and Claire, but Elyse had other plans) - I love that it captures the reality of life with a toddler!
Congrats to the Han family - you are blessed with three beautiful girls!

IMG_0472 WM

IMG_0482 WM

IMG_0542 WM

IMG_0663 WM

IMG_0532 WM

Claire's Faces

IMG_0620 WM

IMG_0519 WM
IMG_0585 WM

IMG_0730 WM

Elyse and Reading

IMG_0742 WM

Claire riding Pony

Claire running away

IMG_0641 WM

IMG_0569 WM

IMG_0659 WM

With Daddy

IMG_0777 WM

IMG_0871 WM
IMG_0838 WM

IMG_0840 WM

IMG_0858 WM

IMG_0806 WM

IMG_0485 B&W WM

IMG_0558 B&W WM

IMG_0566 WM

IMG_0819 WM


  1. {{{LOVE}}} Great job! Beautifully blessed family! :)

  2. Thanks Jaime! They are truly blessed!