Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Katie's First Birthday - Full Post

Little Katie is ONE!

What I loved about Katie's party: it was not only beautiful with yummy food and a great location, but the kids had so much fun! 
There was a craft table with design--it-yourself jumping sacks, tattoos for all, snack table with loads of cookie jars and lollipops, a nearby playground, and a hilarious potato sack race at the end. (Not sure who had more fun there, the adults or the kids!)

Anna and her trusty Chino Momtourage (I shall call them 'CM' for short) worked their DIY magic and created a beautiful garden-feel to the birthday - such amazing talent! Good job CM! 

P.S. In other 'party' news, was very excited to see my coverage of a recent baby shower be featured on bumpsmitten.comJane was the stylist for this beautiful shower - truly exciting to see her hard work being recognized and applauded~. If you're planning a baby shower or just like looking at pretty things, hop on over there for inspiration. 


IMG_3096 wm
Sign and CookieJar
holding sister
IMG_2139 WM
Signs Grandma
IMG_2481 WM
Mom and Daughter
IMG_2156 WM
IMG_2123 WM
IMG_2354 WM
Tattoo Details
Katie Craft
IMG_2333 WM
IMG_2339 WM
IMG_2202 WM
IMG_2837 WM
Jump Game
IMG_2685 WM
IMG_3022 wm
Jung Brothers
IMG_2171 WM
IMG_2868 WM
IMG_2530 WM
IMG_2535 WM
IMG_2509 WM
IMG_3047 WM
IMG_2930 WM
IMG_2298 WM
Maia and Bag
Lollipop and Friends
IMG_2401 WM
IMG_2425 WM
IMG_2455 WM
IMG_2415 WM

IMG_3018 WM
IMG_2383 WM

IMG_2581 WM
IMG_2589 WM
IMG_2590 WM
IMG_2594 wm
IMG_2608 WM
IMG_2597 wm
IMG_2599 wm
IMG_2390 WM

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