Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day

Dear Naomi,
Today is your first day of preschool.
Mixed emotions .... happy for you, sad to see my baby growing up, wishing I could hold onto you a little longer...
Where did the time go? I still remember bringing you home from the hospital and all of a sudden you are 4 years old. 
Nowadays you say funny things like,
"Mommy, make it happen, let's go." 
"I used to pick my nose...(pause).... Actually, I still pick my nose right now."
"Mommy, don't call me Naomi! Today, I'm Princess Marina!"
"Mommy (sighing deeply), I think I'm going to need a cast." [shortly after getting a shot in your arm. Later on, you mentioned that a sling would work fine too.]

Happy with Mr. Goat
And last night, because you were feeling a little scared about your new school, you prayed, "God, please help me be thankful that I can go to school and help me not complain to Mommy and Daddy....". 
I know you will do great and you will love everything about preschool. You'll probably run into the room and not look back.


Just remember to give your mommy and little sis an extra big hug when we pick you up...
we will miss you more than you know! 

[pics taken at Santa Ana Zoo]


  1. Absolutely adorable! Love the color in these!

  2. i love the photos! and congrats to both of you for getting through the first day =)

  3. @Christina - thank you! @Jess - I know, I admit I cried the night before, but no tears when dropping her off :)

  4. So cute! I love all the things she says to you. Funny! Glad the first day was great. Love all your pics, as usual. You do such a great job using the light. I am sorry I haven't been great at reading or commenting on your blog. Been sick and haven't done too much with my own, but I do enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Sharon! I always stop by yours too - but I know, it's hard to update regularly these days! Hope you feel better~