Monday, October 3, 2011

A Sweet Memory

A date with Tim and a box of cupcakes = best way to spend a summer afternoon.

In case you didn't already know,
Tim has an intense sweet tooth.

When we were dating, I discovered just how intense this sweet tooth was. 
One of our past times was to drop by the local mall just to hang out (yes, very exciting).

Well, one day,Tim wanted to stop by the Godiva kiosk to pick out one truffle for each of us. I should've known something was up when he handed them a Godiva Rewards Card. I thought only my mom had one of those.
Anyways, we each picked one truffle and then strolled the mall like old people and ate our truffles holding hands. 
Romantic times ten thousand. Forget candle lit dinners when you can shop at Champs, Sephora and Urban Outfitters while simultaneously sucking on a ball of fatty goodness.

Except to my horror, Tim just pops the whole truffle into his mouth....who does that??? 
Only ballers pop truffles like they're breath mints. 
I nibbled on mine and quietly judged him in my heart for being a glutton. 

Of course, in the past 6 years, I've become a fan of the Godiva Rewards Card myself, although I still don't pop the whole thing in my mouth ... did you know you get a free truffle every month just for being a member? 
I know what you're thinking: you should TOTALLY get one. 
Having a sweet tooth pays off you know! 

(I'm pretty sure Tim appreciates this story, although his expression below probably doesn't capture his gratitude to the fullest.)

Timmy WM

Trophy WM

Cupcake WM
[pictures taken at a Bellevue park this past summer]

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
Cupcakes anyone?


  1. HAHA! Sako! Me and Kenny just joined the Godiva rewards club too! We went in to check out their sale a couple weeks ago and ended up joining so we could get the free truffle.

  2. Super cute! I think it runs in the family. andrew has a crazy sweet tooth too!

  3. @Rose - hahaha why am I not surprised you guys have one? Isn't it the best? @Jess - it must! But I also have a sweet tooth too, so I guess I can't just point the finger at Tim!

  4. you guys are so cute~ wandering around the mall eating truffles when you were dating. =) i love the godiva rewards card~ just wish i could get myself out to a mall to take advantage, hehe.