Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day at the Park

Wow, what a boring title... but that's what we did! Just one of those family days where we get lunch and go to the simple, but my girls love it. 

If you've been following my blog, then you know how much Noelle  LOVES the swing... I've taken many pictures of her swinging away throughout the months, often posting them here and there on this site...because honestly, after pushing a baby for over 45 min. in a swing, that's what I have to do to keep sane. 
Anyways, she's been swinging on the 'big girl' swing for a while, but I was always afraid she'd lose her grip and fall back, so I always pushed her really lightly while still holding onto her. Note to moms: swinging a child this way ensures a sore back and grumpy child.

Well this particular day she wanted to swing just as high as her big up she went....and I realized, she can actually do it now! But I never would've known, if I just kept hanging on. Oh the life lessons to be learned from this sorta stuff. 
Anyways, after I realized she wasn't going to become the world's smallest human rocket, I decided to take out my camera.


IMG_4811 WM
Noelle Swing
IMG_4996 WM
Naomi Swing
Noelle loving the swing

IMG_4874 WM
IMG_5032 WM
IMG_5030 WM
IMG_5014 wm

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