Thursday, November 24, 2011


What are you thankful for?

I wanted to write something profound and deep on gratitude, but it's late, my husband is currently snoring loudly on the couch and I'm also simultaneously thinking about how I should make the stuffing for our Thanksgiving dinner (nuts or no nuts?). So I'll tell a story instead and throw in some pics...sound good? Good.

So Naomi had to finish the sentence, "I am thankful for..." at preschool this week. When I picked up her worksheet, I was curious to see what she wrote...will she say she's thankful for Jesus? For her mommy and daddy? For Noelle? 

N to the Izz-O my friends.

My daughter's sheet said, "I am thankful for MY PINK FLOWER DRESS."
Makes me chuckle.

Me: So, why did you pick your pink dress as the thing you're thankful for?
Naomi (shrugging): I dunno, I really like my dress mommy!
Me: So... what did your other friends share about what they're thankful for?
Naomi (giggling): Well, C**** said he is thankful for his underwear! Isn't that funny mommy? He's thankful for his underwear!!

Kids are so honest. Silly as it sounds, there is a deeper truth there somewhere... don't under-appreciate the seemingly little things in life, the things we take for granted everyday.
Thank God for it all.
I'm thankful for my underwear too C****, good job for teaching us not to ignore the basics. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone~
Naomi's Drink



  1. so true, so true. we must always remember to be thankful for life's simplest things. love these photos!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jenny~yes, I always take the simple things for granted!