Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Joshua's First Birthday - Full Post

Joshua's party was definitely a labor of love~ virtually everything was DIY!  
Grace decided on an airplane themed birthday party and planned lots of fun things to do for the mini-guests - face painting, making bead necklaces, crafting airplanes and even a movie theater room. 
I loved the simple fresh look of her party and age appropriate activities for the kids (esp. since my two girls were in attendance! Many thanks to my hubby who watched the kids while I shot~ not an easy feat when there is candy involved.) My favorite detail was the fabric lined dol towers - a clean modern look for a traditional item. 

Thank you Grace and Robby for having me shoot such a special occasion!


IMG_8914 WM
IMG_8835 WM
IMG_8910 WM
Details Tower
IMG_9064 WM
Details Three
IMG_8934 WM
IMG_8897 WM
IMG_8850 WM
IMG_9038 WM
IMG_9046 WM
IMG_9026 WM
IMG_9183 WM
Details Two
IMG_9197 WM
IMG_9213 WM
IMG_9240 WM
IMG_9257 WM
Joshy Hanbok
Doljabi Time
IMG_9314 WM
IMG_9328 WM
Joshy Doljabi

Robby's father was actually a professional basketball player in Korea (tallest Asian father I have ever met to date)  and Robby has coached high school basketball himself, so of course, they had to encourage him to pick the basketball! What cracks me up is that in the last family pic, Joshy is still staring down at the pencils (his first choice)...well, since Robby is also an English teacher, maybe Joshy will follow in both their footsteps!
IMG_9374 WM
IMG_9415 WM
Note: This is my favorite picture because Joshy doesn't look too pleased that mommy and big brother blew out 'his' candle.
Oh the woes of a second child~
IMG_9159 WM
A little hesitant at diving into his cake, until his mommy and big brother gave him a taste...And then after seeing his uncle Brian behind me, he really started to have a good time~
Joshy Cake
Happy Birthday dear Joshy
May you grow to know and love God and be a leader amongst your peers,
just like Joshua in the Bible~
IMG_9308 WM
The Parkhouse

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