Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Joy Meets Evan

I remember when I had my second daughter, one of my biggest concerns was how my oldest, Naomi, would handle the change. 
Will she be jealous?
Will she feel ignored?
Will they adjust?

I think all mommies ask themselves these questions at one point. 
So when Jenny asked me to shoot the second day of Joy's life, the day when her big brother Evan was coming to the hospital, I totally understood why she'd want to capture that moment. It's a big deal!

Here's how the day unfolded.
Evan arriving with his grandma and grandpa, presents in hand....
IMG_5846 WM
IMG_5871 WM
IMG_5876 WM
Evan and Mommy
His grandma went to the nursery and rolled her slowly in...
IMG_5914 WM
IMG_5917 WM
IMG_5921 WM
Brother meets sister...
First thing he did was quickly grab the pink polka dot bunny and lay it beside her...so sweet. And soon she had many more gifts from big brother...
IMG_5975 WM
IMG_5954 WM
IMG_5959 WM

IMG_5966 WM
Jenny had also printed out pictures of their family and lined Joy's bed with it. I thought this was such a loving detail and one only a mommy would think of!
Dad and Evan
I love this next photo because it shows Andy's father looking on so happily at his son and grandson .... three generations together ... precious.
IMG_5986 WM
IMG_5979 WM
IMG_6054 WM
IMG_6078 WM
IMG_6185 WM
IMG_6186 WM
IMG_6145 WM
IMG_6212 WM

IMG_6143 WM
Jenny and Andy, you are blessed with two amazing gifts from God...thank you for letting me capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments for you...I hope Evan and Joy can look back at these images years later and laugh at how little they were~ love you guys!
IMG_6170 WM


  1. i can't even tell you in words how much i love these photos and how much it meant to have you there during such a special time in our lives. you SO perfectly captured everything~ every sweet & wonderful detail. you're amazing! truly! from a technical standpoint, you made even a yucky hospital lighting situation look like a studio, hehe. from an emotional standpoint, you magically captured one of the very best moments in our lives.

  2. Hello there~your photos are amazing!!!! Your photos tell a beautiful story of love for this gorgeous family. Love the Chiens! :)

  3. @Jenny - it makes me so so happy that you love the pics, made my day!! @Sooki - thank you for stopping by~ I love the Chiens too! @Christina - thanks, it was truly a wonderful day~

  4. Hi Sako! Just came by these pics now from your recent fb post...I love them! They warm my heart, and I believe I know Jenny from Pomona College way back when. It was a heartwarming way to start my morning! God's blessed you with so much talent, compassion and humor, and it shows in your work :) Miss you!