Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine

Big N is having her first preschool Valentine's day party at school~
We had 16 valentines to make.
I briefly thought about hand crafting a unique valentine for each child with my daughter. 
The siren calls of Pinterest were floating my way.

Tangent: I don't know about you, but Pinterest makes me feel like the most uncrafty uncreative mom ever. I have mixed feelings about this...on one hand, I love being inspired. On the other hand, I feel like I'd just pin a million things until my eyes glaze over and execute zilch. Anyone feel me? 

In any case, my husband vetoed my handmade valentines idea. 
He is a wise man.

Since my level of craftiness is pitiful and because what I really wanted to do was watch The Band Perry perform at the Grammys, I agreed. 
I love The Band Perry.

So to Target I went, and after browsing the candy aisles for way too long and buying a bag of snickers along the way, I came home with Valentine day supplies. 
IMG_0540 WM
Big N loved the cards.
Little N literally shrieked with joy over the heart shaped lollipops.
IMG_0543 WM
IMG_0561 WM
IMG_0579 WM

And speaking of craftiness, my talented crafty friend Christina from Lil Sprinkles has a beautiful new blogsite! Check it out for tutorials and to shop around for gorgeous handmade dolls. They are also doing a great giveaway that ends today - one of their very own custom dolls as a prize - so hop on over there and sign up!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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