Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ethan's First Birthday

One of my favorite ages to capture is one year olds...they are so adorable, almost ready to walk, and full of emotions. Although throwing a dol (traditional Korean first birthday) can seem daunting to parents (especially when there are professionals here in LA that solely cater to decorating dols), a smaller scale, intimate dol decorated by yourself is just as wonderful. 

Here are some images from a party last fall that never made it to the blog...

My fave detail was the wooden toy (below) that his mommy brought for decoration- apparently, it had been her own toy when she was a little girl. So precious!


IMG_0120 WM
Cake and Family
IMG_0166 WM
IMG_0123 WM
IMG_0178 WM
IMG_0297 WM
IMG_0196 WM
IMG_0207 WM
IMG_0198 WM
IMG_0290 WM
IMG_0343 WM
IMG_0350 WM
IMG_0356 WM
IMG_0227 WM
Ethan Hanbok

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