Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Four Generations of Mothers and Daughters

What a special shoot.

I've known Amy since her high school days and now it's so awesome to see her as a mother of twin girls! 

Amy happened to be flying into SoCal from Pennsylvania to celebrate her 30th birthday (along with her daughters) - her parents and grandparents also decided to fly in from Seattle for a mini-reunion. Apparently, her mom had always wanted a picture of all the girls together, all four generations, and Amy wanted to make it happen for her mom. (She wins "daughter-of-the-year" award by the way, for arranging it all. And TK wins "husband-of-the-year" for flying her to CA for her birthday!)

Although we had to reschedule a couple of times due to rain in SoCal and a delayed flight due to a snowstorm in Seattle, it was worth it just to see them all together. I hope Addie and Katie will cherish these photos of their grandma and great-grandma and show them to their own kids one day.

P.S. As I was editing these, I couldn't get past how young Amy's mom and grandma look! I didn't photoshop their skin, it really is that porcelain - beautiful women in this family!


IMG_7396 WM
IMG_7421 WM
Grandma with girls
IMG_7432 WM
Great Grandma
Grandma standing girls
IMG_7501 WM
IMG_7484 WM
IMG_7438 WM
IMG_7518 WM
Amy with girls
Amy with girls on fence
IMG_7575 WM
Shoes and Smiles
Girls on Bench
IMG_7637 WM
IMG_7409 WM

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