Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ryan's First Birthday - Full Post

Little Ryan is one!
His family held an intimate baseball-themed lunch party at Catal's in Downtown Disney, styled by Jane of Jane: An Event Design and Coordination Co.. (The food was delicious and the restaurant staff were so helpful and polite - I told my husband that we have to go back there for a date night!) 

I loved all the details of his party (especially the cake - I later found out it was a beautifully decorated fondant shell, not edible) and those Big League chewing gum bags and Cracker Jacks brought me back to my childhood...a great idea for a boy's party~
 If you are planning a party in the near future and need ideas for a great dessert/head table, Celebrations at Home has a helpful post on how to put one together.

Thank you so much to Stacy and Wonny for having me capture a special day and to Jane for beautifying it all~

Happy First Birthday Ryan, you are dearly loved!
IMG_8414 WM
IMG_8435 WM
Cake and Menu
IMG_8412 WM
Ryan board
IMG_8601 WM
Ball and Salad
IMG_8480 WM
Daddy and on Chair
IMG_8758 WM
Mommy and Balloon
IMG_8564 WM
IMG_8570 WM
IMG_8438 WM
IMG_8841 WM
IMG_8850 WM
IMG_8653 WM
Siblings and mommy
With Daddy
IMG_8454 WM
IMG_8985 WM
IMG_9274 WM
IMG_9058 WM
IMG_8978 WM
IMG_9195 WM
Present and Window Watching
IMG_8422 WM
Family and on table
Mommy B&W
IMG_9011 WM
IMG_8486 WM
IMG_9291 WM


  1. the party looked fab! and the pics were so clean + crisp. love it.