Friday, March 2, 2012

J&S Lee Family Session - Full Post

I loved this session...
(yes, I admit I probably say this about every session..)
But when you have a beautiful family in a field of flowers, my heart skips a beat!
Yuri was all smiles and had no problem sitting in the middle of flowers twice her size...I especially loved watching her interact with her daddy and mommy...such pure joy and affection on her face~
Thank you to Joon and Selly for running around a flower field that day, and Happy First Birthday to little Yuri!


IMG_0007 WM
IMG_9796 WM
In Basket and With Mommy
Family WM
IMG_9879 WM
Kiss and Walking with Daddy
IMG_9685 WM
Letter Y
IMG_9689 WM

IMG_9582 WM
IMG_9620 WM

IMG_9923 WM
Family and with dad
IMG_9940 WM
Bunny and with Mommy
IMG_9993 WM
Carrots and Family
IMG_9816 WM
With Mommy
IMG_0035 WM
IMG_9771 WM

And some of just mommy and daddy... 
Cutest couple ever.


Note: For those looking for mustard flower fields, this session was shot at Abalone Cove Shoreline Park in Palos Verdes. They periodically mow the flower fields down when they get too high, so I recommend calling them beforehand to make sure the fields are intact. Another place I would check out is Fred Hesse Jr. Community Park in Palos Verdes - I did see some yellow flowers there as well. Happy shooting!


  1. BEAUTIFUL. i'm a sucker for mustard flower fields. gorgeous shots, sako.

  2. Thanks Esther! And thanks for helping me try to find some fields~ much appreciated!!