Tuesday, March 20, 2012


You've been waiting such a long time for this age!
You love to read these days...
IMG_2592 B&W WM

You've had this "Animal Alphabet" book since you were a baby. 
Reading on Shelf
 I love your scrunched face when you're concentrating on sounding out your letters....
IMG_2600 WM
I'd be confused too...why does "xenops" start with an "x" but sound like a "z" mommy?
IMG_2631 WM

Some things you read make you guffaw. I happened to capture you mid-guffaw and I still chuckle over this picture. I think I'll look at this whenever I'm feeling blue.

IMG_2624 WM

Other things make you giggle. You're at the age now where if I say "underwear", you cover your mouth and giggle away. Oh to be five.
IMG_2626 WM

You're only five and there's so much more to look forward to....your first day of Kindergarten, your first loose tooth, your first time riding a bike without training wheels. 
You can't wait to do all these things...
I know you wish you'd hurry up and grow up, but we wish you'd slow down a little. Every year, I swear it seems like yesterday that I brought you home from the hospital...I guess my way of trying to slow down time is to take a million pictures.
Happy birthday to my little girl~

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