Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elliot is One - Kim Family Session

Hello blog-mates~
Sorry for the radio silence! It felt good to take a break from blogging away - actually Feb/March have been busy months for me with lots of behind-the-scenes work and just the busyness of being a mom of two - but glad to be back sharing some of the sweet sessions I've done recently.

This family session was special because:
1. Sunnie randomly found me through a blog we mutually follow (yay for friendships that blossom over the internet)!
2. I found out we have so much in common! 

Her family currently lives in my home state of Washington and her husband also lived briefly in Bellevue, 10 min. away from where I grew up as a kid. Not only that, but they are committed Christians who served in youth ministry together and were in grad school as well. And they recently took a huge step of faith in moving away from Michigan where they lived for many years, and settling down in Maryland - I love meeting people who embrace adventure! Although they currently live on the East Coast, they also have family in CA, so they took advantage of a short weekend trip to LA and squeezed in a photo session - their first time taking any formal family pictures!

Their precious son Elliot was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder early on - you can read about it here on Sunnie's blog. We talked a little bit over the phone about their journey with Elliot and I could truly sense an attitude of joy and gratitude in Sunnie's voice for God's faithfulness to them through some tough months. 

Robert's mother accompanied us on the shoot as well, and I'm glad she was able to get some rare camera time with her grandson. Elliot's first birthday is this Friday (Good Friday) and at his party last weekend he was surrounded by so many loved ones - what a witness to the goodness of God towards His children. 

Sunnie and Robert, thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful family and for sharing your story so that others can be encouraged and blessed~

Laughing and Standing
IMG_1447 WM

Elliot solo

Arch WM

IMG_1525 WM

Family and Elliot WM

IMG_1420 WM

Parents with Elliot

IMG_1462 WM

Family and Mom WM

IMG_1474 WM

Family Hug WM

IMG_1648 WM

IMG_1585 WM

Grandma with E WM

IMG_1504 WM


IMG_1708 WM


  1. We LOVE the photos Sako! Thank you for being such a wonderful photographer and a new friend!

  2. Yay, that totally makes my day to know you love them! Elliot is so dearly loved~

  3. Just beautiful! He's adorable!

  4. Thank you Christina! He truly was so adorable~!