Thursday, May 10, 2012

Huijser Newborn/ Family Session

I love this family.
Did you know that they were the first family session I ever did? It was in 2010 when it was just the four of them and I was shooting with a Canon Rebel and my newly acquired 50 mm 1.4 lens... good memories~

When Ruth told me she was pregnant with their third, I think everyone was excited to find out what they were having. They have two little girls and waited until their due date to discover if it was a boy or girl. Personally, the anticipation was killing me! I was overjoyed to hear that they had a precious little boy, Anthony. 

IMG_0650 WM

And although having three small children under the age of four must be the most difficult job in the world, Ruth is a woman of grace, laughter and faith and takes all things into stride. She is a true inspiration to me, especially as their family is actually here in the States on extended furlough and they are in preparation to go back to China as missionaries from our church. Doesn't she have the most beautiful smile~?


Thank you Ruth and Hugo for being precious friends in Christ - we love you!

IMG_0916 B&W WM IMG_1093 WM IMG_1046 WM Sister sister IMG_0698 B&W WM IMG_1167 WM Hugo and A Grandparents IMG_1021 WM IMG_0849 B&W WM Anthony IMG_0965 WM Fathers Lucy Hat
IMG_0910 WM

And of course, a photo shoot with three youngsters would not be complete without an outtake~ somehow, the crying pictures are always some of my favorites!


Although I am no longer taking on sessions in California and for the summer, if you are a Seattle family that is expecting a child or simply want to get family portraits done, book your session at GH Kim Photography starting in September and specify you'd like Sako to take your portraits - I'd love to see you! 

For newborn sessions, it's good to reserve a session within 12 days of birth because they tend to develop baby acne and are more wriggly after that timeframe (harder to photograph). Since babies arrive on their own whim, the session date is always flexible of course! With Baby Anthony, we had to push his session back one week because of a bout with jaundice, but thankfully he recovered and was a trooper during his session!

Thanks for stopping by, lots more beautiful families to come on the blog~


  1. Awww! He was so small. These are great pictures!

  2. Thanks Lela~ yes, he was tiny! Love the newborn stage~