Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

This morning Naomi wrote a card to Tim...inside she wrote, 
"I love you Dad
becus you love me."
So glad that she wrote that...simple but to the point. 
She knows she is loved.

We still laugh that we have two daughters - it's quite amusing watching Tim play with two little girls who ask to dance with him, treat him like a human jungle gym, and have him "do" their hair. But I love seeing Tim rise to the occasion and not only physically take care of our kids, but spiritually lead them too. So thankful for him~

Here are some images taken a while ago from a family beach day~ I've been so busy with client images that I rarely have time to post some of our own! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful time with friends and family today~

[first image taken by Tim]

IMG_1966 WM
Father's Day
In the sand
IMG_1938 WM

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