Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Juliet's First Birthday

Remember this little girl?

Her mommy threw a Hello Kitty themed party (HK enthusiasts, please take notes!) and it was beautifully done. With Juliet's relatives flying in from San Francisco and Korea and a plethora of baby friends in attendance, it was evident just how much she and her family are deeply loved.

Hello Kitty
IMG_0123 WM

IMG_0140 WM
IMG_0211 WM
IMG_0164 WM
IMG_0292 WM
IMG_0240 WM
IMG_0305 WM
IMG_0112 WM

Kitty and Tower
IMG_0299 WM
IMG_0287 BW WM
IMG_0313 BW WM
IMG_0325 BW WM
IMG_0348 BW WM
IMG_0361 BW WM
IMG_0290 BW WM
Dress and Cake

Kitty and J
IMG_0420 WM
IMG_0424 WM
IMG_0428 WM
IMG_0628 WM
IMG_0490 WM
IMG_0500 WM
IMG_0508 WM
IMG_0466 WM
IMG_0534 WM
IMG_0549 WM
IMG_0547 WM
IMG_0583 WM
Sleeping and Friend
IMG_0604 WM
IMG_0358 WM
IMG_0205 WM

Venue: Yongsusan 
Balloons and Banner: Balloon World (LA)
Display Cake: Balloon Party (LA)
Cupcakes: A Cupcake Story
Ballon Artist: Super Inflated

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