Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Chu Family - Sneak Peek

Yes, I realize that there are no kids in this post...but if I didn't tell you, would you believe that this couple has two adorable and spunky daughters?

Sometimes it's nice to have pictures of just mommy and daddy and remember the days before kids~. There was a lot of laughter and humor between these two - I love a couple that can still laugh with each other and have fun in the midst of being busy parents!

Today also happens to be Liza's birthday - Liza, hoping that these pictures add to the celebration of your special day and wishing you a love-filled birthday!

Liza Sneak Peek
Liza Sneak Peek2

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  1. SPUNKY is a great way to describe the girls, especially A. :) love these pics, Sako! hope your move went well... :) excited for your new adventures!