Friday, September 21, 2012

One Two Three

Dear Noelle,
You are such a joy to me and your daddy.
You make us laugh and you make us wring our hands at times.
You love to tell us jokes.
You copy your older sister to the T. 
(You drive her crazy).
You want to be just like her.
You are fierce in your affections.
You are a snackmaster.
You are the first to get up in the morning.
You are loud and do not comprehend volume control.
You love stuffed animals.
You are carefree.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.
You are Three.

IMG_7887 WM
Face in Hands
IMG_7895 WM
Toes and Tails

You also requested a "blue mermaid" birthday party (from an obscure episode of Team Umizoomi). 
 We had a special cake made for you ... and you even requested party hats and balloons too. 

IMG_7475 WM
Party Hat and Cake
IMG_7497 WM

You had a blast playing with all your friends but one of the highlights was riding on Unni's back and pretending she was your horsey. Unfortunately, this was short lived and resulted in you crying your head off when Unni no longer enjoyed being a horse. I was reminding myself in the midst of your dramatic wailing, that you are three...only three. You also loved hitting the turtle pinata - it was hung off an elaborate ladder contraption that your daddy and uncle painstakingly constructed. Those things are hard to hang.

Pinata and Horsey Ride
Blowing out your candles surrounded by all the grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins was awesome. We missed them dearly and it's good to be back home. By the way, mommy dressed you in a sweet polka dot dress that morning, but you changed your outfit yourself. Rascal.


And of course, grandma had to go all out with the mermaid costume...
you loved it. 
Mommy had an equally good time putting the wig on daddy when he least suspected it and laughing her head was a happy day all around.

Happy 3rd birthday to my firecracker~
I love you to the moon and back!

For Noelle's 2nd birthday post, hop over here.
Special thanks to Elaine of Patty Cakes for making a gorgeous and delicious cake for us!


  1. wow!!! the party looked so amazing! happy birthday noelle. what a little blessing you are to everyone you meet:)

  2. Thanks so much! She is truly a blessing!