Friday, December 21, 2012

Morning Conversations

Phrases that are heard during the Pak morning routine.

"Hurry up, we're gonna be late!"
"Yes, you have to wear a sweater today. It's winter time."
"Daddy I want brak-tast! Mini-wheats, no milk inside."
"Hurry, have you changed yet? YES, you have to wear it. It's winter time."
"Where's Noelle??!"
"Don't run with your socks on!"
"Mommy, can you wash my eyes out!!"
"Noelle, stop playing with Horsey, you can play after breakfast!"
"You can't wear those socks, they were in the hamper. Wear new socks."
"I want the light blue cup. It's my turn to have the light blue cup!!"
"SHHH!! Quiet, STOP YELLING! ok, let's pray for the food."
"I tell you every day. It's WINTER. You need to wear it."
"Is Noelle in the bathroom?"
"Mommy, is it P.E. today? I have to wear sneakers, does this match my outfit?"
"Daddy, I want brak-tast!!"
"Go brush your teeth. You don't want stinky breath."
"What time is it mommy, are we going to be late?"
"Daddy, I need a hug and boppo (kiss)!!"
"Naomi Pak! Put. your. sweater. on."
"Don't forget my snack Mommy. Can I have something new, no more Cheez-its!"
"Kitty wants to say goodbye too, hug Kitty. DADDY, HUG KITTY!!"
"I don't know where my socks are. Can I just wear these? They look clean."
"Noelle, there you are, sit down and eat."
"But nobody else wears one...ok, I'll wear it."
"Hurry up, we're gonna be late!!"


I swear, I should videotape us in the morning, because it is a loud madhouse. And we only have one school-aged child, good grief.
Usually, I drive Naomi to school in the morning, but b/c of a foot injury, Tim had taken over the driving duties for a week. So I decided to document a piece of our morning. Glad I did. 

Note: I actually took these before the Sandy Hook shootings happened, and as I looked through my photos and remembered taking them, it was sobering, heartbreaking -  a reminder that even the crazy morning routine is a blessing...a full house is a blessing.  

Wishing everyone a lovely winter break~

IMG_1641 BW WM
IMG_1644 BW WM
IMG_1663 BW WM
IMG_1648 BW WM
IMG_1667 BW WM
IMG_1690 BW WM
IMG_1696 BW WM
Kiss Goodbye
IMG_1700 BW WM
IMG_1703 WM

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