Thursday, March 14, 2013

Like Mommy

I love the zoo.
And I also get sad at the zoo.
I think it's all the animals that are living in small spaces that gets me depressed.
Tim tells me they've probably been born and raised in zoos so they don't know the difference.
Plus the zoo does a great job at educating people on conservation efforts etc.

Anyways, I digress.
My girls love the zoo.

Everytime we go, we usually don't get to see every single animal - and after we leave, the girls always list off every animal they didn't get to see..."Mommy, we didn't see the red panda. THE RED PANDA MOMMY, WE DIDN'T SEE HIM!" And for days after the zoo trip, we would hear all about the red panda we didn't get to see.

Naomi wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up and loves reading all the little facts about the animals. I even got her a book from the library on "How to Become a Vet" which she seriously studied.

Noelle just wants to:
1. See the python (which she pronounces "Pie-Thong") 
2. See her otter friends - and by otter friends, I mean the metal statue otters that are displayed near the otter habitat, not the actual real live animals themselves. (Why am I not surprised?)
3. Ride the carousel as many times as she can get away with (again, fake horses, not real animals - again, not surprising)

Today, I saw that we had a 30% chance of rain - which is pretty much the forecast in Seattle  EVERY SINGLE DAY - so I decided to take Noelle to the zoo. Afterwards, she was telling Daddy about the new animal we saw - the crane. When Tim asked her to describe it for him, she said, "It has a wong neck. Just like Mommy". 

Seriously, I love the zoo.

IMG_5745 WM
Otter and Carousel
Spinning Star
IMG_5810 WM
IMG_5811 WM

IMG_6728 BW WM
Otter hug
Sisters at tower

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  1. i have neglected this blog for too long. i love this post. i laughed SO hard at so many things~