Thursday, May 9, 2013


Pics from this past Monday, where Seattle hit the mid-80's aka CRAZY HOT.
Seattlelites don't waste sunny days - no, we cherish them and then desperately beg them not to leave. 

I was laughing at the bare ice cream shelves and empty ice fridges in the grocery stores this past weekend - I'm pretty sure 90% of the Seattle population ate a popsicle sometime this past week. 
I know I ate one. Or three.

In any case, we had a blast watching the girls play in their kiddie pool and get sprayed.
Our neighbors probably appreciated listening to the piercing screams (of joy) coming from our backyard. 
We kept spraying them, they would scream, and then we would tell them to "Stop screaming, the neighbors can hear you!"
And then we would spray them again. 
Fun times all around (except maybe for our neighbors).

Looking forward to our next crazy hot day and more fun in the sun~!

IMG_9086 WM
IMG_9003 WM
Hand splash
Splash copy
IMG_9007 WM
Sisters on slide
Down the Slide
B&W Noelle on slide
IMG_9146 WM

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