Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lee Family Session

This is a special post.

Recently, I donated a portrait session for our former church's missions auction. My husband Tim pastored there for many years before recently planting The Well Community Church and that's where we originally met. Coincidentally, the mission trip they were raising money for was to India - also a special place for us - we led our first mission trip together to India before getting married. 

Long story short, a family that we've known for a long time, the Lees, won the portrait session after bidding very generously for it!  The Lees are one of the most generous and hospitable families we know so it wasn't a surprise to hear that they outbid everyone for the session - a big thank you to Sarah and Sunny ! So encouraging to see a family that loves each other well and serves God together so faithfully! 

[Photos were taken at their beautiful garden and home]

Family Bench
Andrea 2
Laughing with dad
With mom
Garden and the Girls
Dad Hug and Fam
Dad and Andy
Kiss and Laugh
Laughing and thru the chair
IMG_3477 WM
Girls and guys
IMG_3491 WM
Kiss and Family
S and S
IMG_3500 WM
Andrea BW
Family BW and Kiss
IMG_3535 BW WM
Andy BW
IMG_3557 BW WM
IMG_3459 WM

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