Saturday, October 19, 2013

K's One Year Birthday Party

Flowers on Table
IMG_6072 WM
IMG_6045 WM
Menu and Flowers
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IMG_6440 WM
Cookies and Cupcakes
IMG_6634 WM
Chinese_Korean Hanbok
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IMG_6218 WM
Steak and Sign
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IMG_6350 WM
IMG_6256 WM
IMG_6265 WM
IMG_6356 WM
IMG_6422 WM
IMG_6430 WM
IMG_6460 WM
IMG_6376 WM
IMG_6506 WM
IMG_6520 WM

IMG_6529 WM
IMG_6655 WM
IMG_6659 WM
IMG_6664 WM
IMG_6669 WM
In Hanbok
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IMG_6719 WM
IMG_6753 WM

IMG_6230 WM
Dylan Balloon Toss
IMG_6339 WM
IMG_6777 WM

Event Planners:  Beespoke Designs (contact:
Balloons:  M&M Balloons
Flowers: Fleurt
Cake:  Patty Cakes
Cookies:  Lady Yum
Rice cakes:  South Gate catering (contact: 425-643-4244)
Pinwheels:  Etsy
Balloon entertainer: Beny the Balloon Guy