Sunday, December 26, 2010

A peek...

into Christmas at the Pak house this year.

A little decorating...

A little baking...

and a whole lot of dancing...
(Christmas morning - Tim playing "Angels We Have Heard on High', a favorite of the girls.)

After a morning of eating, dancing, opening presents, my girls were due for a long nap.
Then off to Chino for dinner~

Yummy raspberry cheesecake bites courtesy of fellow blogger Jessica and dinner was made by the lovely Julie Pak. Thank you ladies~

Celebrating with food, presents, music and family are precious, but reminded again today at church that the reason we celebrate Christmas is truly about God in Christ coming to earth to be among us.

So although being away from family in Seattle was hard this year, I am comforted by the truth that He is Emmanuel and God is with me.

And God is with you too...

How precious a gift.
Merry Christmas to you and wishing everybody a happy ending to 2010~!

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  1. Pak Christmases look like so much fun! Yeah for the ultimate gift!!