Friday, December 31, 2010

What a difference...

one year can make...

I got my first dSLR camera as a gift near the end of 2009, fell in love with photography, and started this blog to document my girls...what a journey that has been. 

The other day, I was reminded of the reason we take pictures in the first place when Tim asked Naomi, "Naomi, why does mommy takes pictures?" 

She said, "So we can remember!"

So here's to another year of remembering - the lows and the highs and the ordinary but precious day-to-day in-between.
I'm reminded to make every minute count, especially with my girls - they are growing up too fast for mommy!

Happy New Year's everybody~


  1. andrew and i are sitting here commenting on how cute the girls are! =)

  2. I love your commentary and writing Sako! We take photos to remember... those beautiful and ordinary moments of life. God is so good and life is beautiful with all its highs and lows. -Lindsey