Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Free Spirit

Recently, I've been exhausted by the demands of my little girls.
I love them to death but exhausted nonetheless from the constant cleaning, negotiating, disciplining, cooking, playing and all the little details that equal motherhood. 

My littlest one, Noelle, has been especially shriek-y and difficult ...leading me to pray hard as never before, "God, please give me grace for today" and simultaneously rant to my husband about how the "terrible two's" must've come early.

Well, yesterday, I spent a refreshing day at an inspiring photography workshop (more on this later!) and then lunch with friends while Tim watched the girls.  

When I came home, little Noelle ran as fast as her little chubby legs could carry her, shrieked like a banshee and gave me a big hug.

My heart melted into a thousand puddles.

She is my little free spirit.
How I love her, tantrums and all.



[photos taken at The Huntington Library]

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