Monday, January 31, 2011

ShutterMoms Workshop

Had the privilege of attending Tim Park's ShutterMoms Workshop this past Saturday. A great time of learning, meeting other shuttermoms and fueling my love for photography! Min from L&M did a wonderful job coordinating the workshop with lots of yummy food, plenty of coffee (very important to mommies!) and awesome door prizes and goody bags.

One of the favorite things I learned -

"Every time we compose a shot, we have to think: What will and what will not be in the frame?"

Tim reminded us to be intentional about composing a shot and not haphazardly shooting away, hoping we get something good in the frame. 
He taught about a vision minded approach - how we are to be directors and storytellers with our images, instead of shooting 10,000 tight head shots of our kids (I am guilty of this!). 

There is so much more that was shared there, so if you want to learn more, you have to check out one of his workshops! He will be offering more workshops in the future, so to stay in the loop, join Tim's Facebook page for updates and to view his work.

I wish I could've taken more photos, but my camera battery ran out halfway through...yes, total fail. I was pretty sad :( but lesson learned!


The workshop was also very hands-on and allowed us time to handle our cameras.
So in the above photo, I took a photo of my friend Cindy for an exercise on how to use light to create different moods and effects. Very fun. (And isn't she beautiful??)

Happy shooting everyone~

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