Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I've been wanting to shoot some landscape photos lately but when you have two little ones running around, leisurely shooting landscape photos is not high on the priority list. (Is it ever? It should be!)

But my sweet hubby offered to watch the kids so I could go location scouting at Laguna Beach yesterday... WHAT???!

Out the door I go. You gotta strike while the iron is hot, my friends.

Unfortunately it's been rainy, cloudy and windy all week which has been soothing for my Seattle soul but not so great for outdoor photos - luckily the sun came out in time! But shooting at the beach wasn't as romantically awesome as I imagined it to be...overexposed photos, glare off the water, washed out skies filled up my memory card...I really need to practice!

For those like me that could use a few tips, read this great article on beach photography - very helpful.

Here are a few of my favorites....these were each shot at different points before and after the difference a few minutes of light can make.

Treasure Island Park - sunset

Laguna Beach

Montage - evening


  1. Very good...all of them! One of my kids' favorite movies btw.. ;)

  2. Thanks Jaime! It was nice just to go there myself...I still have yet to watch that movie, but I loved the book when I was a kid! Thanks for stopping by~

  3. these landscape photos are amazing! your hubby is so nice to give you time off to do something like this. =)

  4. Thanks Jenny! I know, I'm so grateful for the time...once you have kiddies, time is so precious!!