Monday, March 28, 2011

You can count on me...

...said the super hero baby.
(Or super hero toddler, excuse me)

Here I come!

Super hero4

you did ask for me, right?
I'm on a very busy super hero schedule, so please don't call me unless absolutely necessary.

Super hero3

But I'll pose so you can check out my cool cape.
And my weapon of choice - pink blanky.
(Take my blanky away and you will become my mortal enemy.)

Super hero

Gotta go guys
Another adventure awaits!

Super hero2

(Photos taken while cooking dinner....
peeked out of my kitchen to investigate the source of all the squealing and running...
this is how my husband occupies them when I need some time to cook!)


  1. cute! Great conversions...and loved the commentary. :)

  2. so cute!! love her little cape!